Sunday, March 8, 2009


Right now we are sitting on the awesome couch with full bellies watching Shooter. John just gave me the basic overview of the movie (we are fast-forwarding to John's favorite parts) as we cleaned up our tiny kitchen, and now I sit enthralled as I watch Marky Mark blow the heads off of bad guys.
John and I have a great system for picking out movies...we take turns. Yes, we revisit our kindergarden ethics and are happy to report that it works like a charm! Since we've been married I have subjected John to such movies as When Harry Met Sally, 13 Going on 30, You've Got Mail (numerous times in one weekend even!), and Two Weeks Notice. I have had the pleasure of watching Tombstone, The Rock, The Godfather, and let's not forget Shooter.
There is a catch, however, to making our brillant plan work well. When it comes time to pick, John sticks to man-movies and a good chick flick must be my choice. I made the confusing mistake a few weeks ago of picking a man-movie on my turn. On the next movie night John and I were thrown for a loop. It was John's turn. Did he have to pick a chick flick? We weren't prepared for the pickle we found ourselves in. And a valuble lesson was learned that day. When in doubt, stick to the routine...
John: basically that means i was selfish and chose the movie i wanted to see... yeah... i suck.
Lori: that is NOT what that means! everyone should know that any time i am in a bad mood john picks a chick flick for us to watch, even if it is his turn! what a man!!!
John: Yeah! "What a man!" i passify my wife by putting in a girly movie. i am awesome.
Lori: a keeper in my book, babe. :)


  1. i'm liking the tag-team blog post. and i took two of john's man movies to watch this week. sorry!

  2. my question is, "what does ed think of the new blog-look?" i'm not sure i would call it "gender-neutral" - but i'm sure i like it. once again, well done lori! you are even "feathering" your blog!!!

  3. joy, you are never going to believe this - john picked out the blog look! does my man have good taste or what?!

  4. WHAT?!!! so he WAS paying attention all those years... well done, ed. i say it again - well done. you two bring out the best in each other! love you both - see you sooooon...