Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last Year at This Time...

Hi friends! It's been about a million years since we've updates this thing, and lots has happened.
First of all, at this time last year John and I were dancing and taking pictures (definitely not eating) at our reception at the Bluffs. Today is the big day - our one year anniversary! It has been a fun weekend of remembering what last year looked like at this time and looking back over the high points of the year. This year has been full of change - marriage, new jobs, a house...and we are thankful for it all. It is nice to feel as though we are entering a season (however brief it may be) of rest.
I mentioned new jobs; I am winding down my first semester as a high school teacher. What an experience this has been! I teach science at a public school here in Tyler. I have one AP class; the rest are a remedial science for students who need to pass the TAKS. It has come with many challenges, but as I face the end of the semester I am excited to see that I am actually having more good days than bad, and that on most days I really enjoy what I do. I am starting to get better at managing my time, which means less bringing work home with me, which is great for both of us.

(I'd like to pause from this update and let everyone know that John keeps interrupting my typing by messing up the cursor from his iPhone. He has a new app that acts as a remote/mouse. I'm about to wash his phone like I did the last one...)

We also recently moved out of our apartment (no more squeeky ceilings!) into our first home! We are loving it. We are pretty much settled, and it finally feels like our place. We have one bedroom left to paint (my Christmas break project) and some trim in the living room to do as well (although the white primer is growing on us...), but other than that we are enjoying life there. Check out pictures on my Facebook.

That's what's happening in life for us right now. We'll try to be better about keeping you updated (I know you all so look forward to it :)), which will be easier now that we have internet at our house. We love you and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!