Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Hobby!

I have a love/hate relationship with blogs. I love keeping up with friends and family, I love seeing pictures of fun happenings in the lives of people I love, and I love being inspired by the craftiness (as in arts and crafts, not cunning) and wittiness (is that a word?) of people around the country. I hate, however, reading the blogs of the ultra-talented, creative, trendy people who can turn trash into treasure and still look cute in the process. Don't get me wrong - I wholeheartedly wish I was one of them. And I don't intend to stop reading their blogs just because I am insanely jealous. More than anything those blogs remind me that the Lord gifts us all differently - I just sometimes wish He had given me the gift of creative expression as well. :)
With that in mind, I fell upon a new blog that falls under the above mentioned list-of-things-I-wish-I-was. I love it. It is fun and creative and attainable! Not only have I found the first project on a blog that I feel like I might actually be able to tackle (once a friend shows me how to use a sewing machine, that is), but it also offered the simplest tutorial I have ever seen for my new fancy-pants Canon Rebel (thank you, Ginger!). So what did I do this afternoon? I played with my camera!
I do not profess to be awesome at this; in fact, I keep reciting the things that I'm reading on this blog to myself as I try out new settings ("low light, high ISO...high light, high that right?"). But I am excited about the prospect of getting better at something I've always loved.
Here's some of what I did today. Please do not judge them. Remember I am neither ultra-talented, creative, or trendy. But I like to pretend that I could be if I tried REALLY hard. :)

Deen didn't even try to lick the camera this time! She's really growing up...

Little Deenie was the blissfully unaware test subject for trying out my camera settings. I ventured off of auto - a big step for me!

Our hammock. Beautiful, isn't it?

This one is a bonus - John and I went on a dessert picnic yesterday afternoon. It was delightful!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a few pictures from our trip to The Happiest Place on Earth!

1.5 lb bag of assorted gummy treats. We were the envy of all of the kids in line with us. Snack WIN.


Do you know how hard it is to get a picture with the huge Epcot spaceship-ball-thing in the background? It's not as easy as it looks, people.

Classic! John didn't appreciate this as much as I did, but he sure was a good sport. :)

Wish you all could have been there! Group vacay next time?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Disneyworld is for Grownups!

Hi Friends! We've finally entered into spring after a weird and snow-filled winter (climate change is real, people). Today we celebrated the spring by planting flowers and other plants at our house. But last month we celebrated by GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!
That's right. John and I decided to spend our Spring Break at the happiest place on earth. My family has been to Disneyworld several times growing up, but John had never been. What better time in our lives to go to Disneyworld than now - post-childhood and pre-kids. :)

We had so much fun. John and I haven't gone on a vacation together since our honeymoon, and we relished the opportunity to play and laugh and act like little kids together. We ate lots of junk (1.5 lb bag of candy, anyone?), rode lots of rides (except Tower of Terror - John let me out of that one when I started to panic as we were loading the ride), laughed LOTS (it's a reaction to roller coasters for me), and just enjoyed being together.

Highlights of the trip:
1. The 1.5 lb. bag of candy (have I mentioned that already?) we bought on Day 2 and ate until Day 4. We were the envy of every little kid in line with us. Bored? Pull out the bag of candy...
2. The fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Magical.
3. Riding Space Mountain two times in a row. Thank you, Fast Pass. Thank you.
4. Riding Thunder Mountain Railroad in the middle of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Magical.
5. John says, "Beating Lori over and over again on the Toy Story ride." Thanks, babe.

There are too many fun memories to write here. It was a fun trip. We learned a lot about each other and had a blast while we did that. And believe it or not, we were so encouraged as we reflected on the truth that even the best things in this life are but a shadow of what is to come. Thank you, Jesus!

*Pictures are coming. Our computer is not cooperating with us right now.