Sunday, April 3, 2011

Disneyworld is for Grownups!

Hi Friends! We've finally entered into spring after a weird and snow-filled winter (climate change is real, people). Today we celebrated the spring by planting flowers and other plants at our house. But last month we celebrated by GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!!!
That's right. John and I decided to spend our Spring Break at the happiest place on earth. My family has been to Disneyworld several times growing up, but John had never been. What better time in our lives to go to Disneyworld than now - post-childhood and pre-kids. :)

We had so much fun. John and I haven't gone on a vacation together since our honeymoon, and we relished the opportunity to play and laugh and act like little kids together. We ate lots of junk (1.5 lb bag of candy, anyone?), rode lots of rides (except Tower of Terror - John let me out of that one when I started to panic as we were loading the ride), laughed LOTS (it's a reaction to roller coasters for me), and just enjoyed being together.

Highlights of the trip:
1. The 1.5 lb. bag of candy (have I mentioned that already?) we bought on Day 2 and ate until Day 4. We were the envy of every little kid in line with us. Bored? Pull out the bag of candy...
2. The fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Magical.
3. Riding Space Mountain two times in a row. Thank you, Fast Pass. Thank you.
4. Riding Thunder Mountain Railroad in the middle of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Magical.
5. John says, "Beating Lori over and over again on the Toy Story ride." Thanks, babe.

There are too many fun memories to write here. It was a fun trip. We learned a lot about each other and had a blast while we did that. And believe it or not, we were so encouraged as we reflected on the truth that even the best things in this life are but a shadow of what is to come. Thank you, Jesus!

*Pictures are coming. Our computer is not cooperating with us right now.


  1. SO glad that y'all got to go!!! It is truly the happiest place on earth!! Let's go together again sometime, k? ;) LOVE YOU!!

  2. I cannot wait to see pictures!!!