Monday, May 4, 2009

The Whirlwind!

Hi friends! I realized tonight as I was waiting for John to get home from playing the drums at a worship event that it's been a long time since we updated this thing. And a lot has gone on! One could even call these past few weeks a whirlwind of activities (John:"Is this a good activity?" in his Brian Regan voice...) and goings on. So here we go.

Big news number 1:
John has a new job! Or I should say an additional job. He recently accepted ("We! We recently accepted!" is what he is telling me as he reads over my shoulder.) a position as a worship pastor at a church here in Tyler. We are really excited about this opportunity. The church community has been very welcoming and encouraging, and we are looking forward to opportunities to get to know the people and get plugged in. (John:"why do people always say plugged in? We're not toasters!")

Big news number 2:
We are not pregnant. I just feel like I should say that because I got this sinking feeling as I was typing that maybe this is what people were going to start thinking with the "Big news" thing. And clearly I found that explaining that was easier than pressing the delete button. Don't ask me how my mind works... (John:"Well, you see, there are all these little sparks firing all over your brain, and they're making connections with other parts of your brain...")

Large Bulletin number 3 (is that better?): (John:"that was my idea")
I recently passed a couple of science certification exams. I am enrolled in an alternative certification program to pursue teaching at some point in life. We are not necessarily job hunting for me, but I'm excited to eventually have my teaching certificate. It's kinda fun working towards a goal after a long time in one place. My brain is being stretched, that's for sure! (John:"There it goes; sparking again.")

Giant Announcement number 4: (John:"also my idea")
We are the proud owners of a Wii! Thank you Uncle Sam and your tax refunds! We are ready to party hard with anyone who thinks they can school us on the Figure Skating portion of the Wii Deca Sports. Geez it's hard... (John:"i will neither confirm nor deny my participation in said portion of the Deca Sports. i will, however, set forth another challenge on the snowboarding portion... seeing as how beating my wife has become too monotonous... OWWW! ... i got hit ...")
And of course we purchased the Wii Fit (it just seemed right). Right now my Wii Fit age is 41. My sister's is 35. (John:"Get it... it's ironic 'cause they're twins...")If that isn't motivation to get on that little balance board and mimic a computer-generated personal trainer doing lunges I don't know what is.

Well, that might be it for now. I'm posting a new picture that we took at the Rangers game we went to with Pine Cove earlier in the week. (John:"Lori is becoming quite the Baseball fan, now that she knows what's going on. i'm so lucky.") We love you and hope you have a great week!