Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Sweet It Is...

John and I just got back to the apartment from a trip to the mall. Bootsie sent us a little money for Easter (thanks, Bootsie!), so we went to take advantage of the sale at Old Navy. We found ourselves in The Gap (aka The Land of Many Temptations) and as I was trying on clothes from the sale rack a dress flew over the top of the door. And about 2 minutes after that miraculous event I found my eyes welling up as my sweet husband unveiled his secret plan for our trip. He had a little extra money and wanted to treat me to a new outfit. What a simple but oh, so sweet (and fun) blessing.
As the lady at Old Navy said (yes, we did make it down to Old Navy), "You've got a good one!" I happen to agree.
Thank you, God, for this blessing of my husband.