Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long Time No Share

I'm sitting in front of my tv watching Dancing with the Stars (this is Lori, by the way, so don't be alarmed) on one of our two channels (thank you, rabbit ears!) and wondering if the ceiling is going to cave in from our thunderfeet upstairs neighbors. John is hanging out with a friend and then off to play some soccer. Since I'm by myself, I figured I'd take some time to update you on what's been going on in our lives.
The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for us. Three weeks ago we made a quick but fun-filled trip out to Camp War Eagle to spend some time with Jen, Kolby, and the nieces and nephew. We had a blast! It was my first trip out there, and we sure made the most of it. Picture lots of hiking, jumping on the trampoline, eating awesome food, blowing darts on the blowgun, building fires with the kids, and lots and lots of laughter and fun with the family. I love it! It was wonderful but way too short.
This last weekend my parents came up to visit (we love houseguests!) for my mom's early birthday celebration. It consisted of a delicious lemon poppyseed pound cake, a day touring the azalea gardens in Tyler, playing games, and lots of delicious food. It was Mom and Dad's first chance to see our apartment, so that was fun too. Good times had by all!
This week we have a tiny bit of a breather before we hit the ground running again. I don't have any groups this week, but John will be leading worship this weekend at the Bluffs while I spend some time with girlfriends in Dallas. Maybe next weekend we'll be agenda-free!
So there you have it - a quick rundown of our last couple of weeks. Now it's back to the thunderfeet (our ceiling fan is moving...if it crashes to the ground we'll be sure and let you know!) and Dancing with the Stars. We love you guys and hope that you are doing well. Talk to you soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Right now we are sitting on the awesome couch with full bellies watching Shooter. John just gave me the basic overview of the movie (we are fast-forwarding to John's favorite parts) as we cleaned up our tiny kitchen, and now I sit enthralled as I watch Marky Mark blow the heads off of bad guys.
John and I have a great system for picking out movies...we take turns. Yes, we revisit our kindergarden ethics and are happy to report that it works like a charm! Since we've been married I have subjected John to such movies as When Harry Met Sally, 13 Going on 30, You've Got Mail (numerous times in one weekend even!), and Two Weeks Notice. I have had the pleasure of watching Tombstone, The Rock, The Godfather, and let's not forget Shooter.
There is a catch, however, to making our brillant plan work well. When it comes time to pick, John sticks to man-movies and a good chick flick must be my choice. I made the confusing mistake a few weeks ago of picking a man-movie on my turn. On the next movie night John and I were thrown for a loop. It was John's turn. Did he have to pick a chick flick? We weren't prepared for the pickle we found ourselves in. And a valuble lesson was learned that day. When in doubt, stick to the routine...
John: basically that means i was selfish and chose the movie i wanted to see... yeah... i suck.
Lori: that is NOT what that means! everyone should know that any time i am in a bad mood john picks a chick flick for us to watch, even if it is his turn! what a man!!!
John: Yeah! "What a man!" i passify my wife by putting in a girly movie. i am awesome.
Lori: a keeper in my book, babe. :)