Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hi friends! It's been a LONG time since our last update, and a lot has happened since then. Or at least it feels that way.
John is still at the church and Pine Cove, which keeps him busy. We did move him into a new office at the church which suits him way better than his old one. It feels more homey (and has LOTS more natural light, which I always prefer)and has plenty of workspace, fun pictures, and instruments to make it fun and functional. I am sure that is exactly how John would describe it...:)
I've started teaching and am still alive! I really do enjoy my job most of the time. There have been a couple of trying days, but I enjoy the teaching for the most part. I have some really good kids and am praying for the ones that prove more difficult. The Lord is faithful and is teaching me more and more about how to let Him love through me, which is harder than you might think. Please pray with me on how to love and encourage and guide these students who don't even realize that they need any of those things.
John and I are still on the house hunt. We have taken to sleeping in the guest room of our apartment on account of our noisy upstairs neighbors. It is a great temporary solution, but it is getting a little old. One of these days we won't have to share a ceiling/floor with anyone - it will be glorious! In the meantime, we are still searching and praying and trying to wait patiently.
I guess that about sums up where we are right now. We love you and are thankful for your friendship in our lives. Come visit us when you get the chance!

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