Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Day Off!

Today is Saturday, and it is my first day off (this is Lori speaking) in 20 days. Woo-hoo! So far we've slept in, eaten Chick-fil-A for lunch, and painted my toenails (again, this is Lori speaking, so no worries) while watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It's been great so far, and the day is still young!
Here are a few things that have been happening in our lives lately:
1. Summer camp has started. It has been really fun interspersed with come craziness. But we're excited about another summer at Pine Cove. I am directing the Baby Ruth program again, which I love.
2. We took my car in for its 100,000 mile tune-up. Lots of money later we will have a practically new car (right?...). Here's hoping to eek a couple more years out of the ol' Malibu.
3. John made some popcorn in our Stir Crazy the other night. We discovered what happens when you don't get the popcorn kernel ratio exactly the top rose off of the Stir Crazy and fluffy popcorn started to fill our kitchen. It was awesome.
4. I had a flat tire the other day. John had to come rescue me at our apartment. 20 minutes later my tire was like new. My hero!
5. I accepted a new job starting this fall. I will be teaching science at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler. I am excited about it, but also nervous and sad to leave Pine Cove. I would love your prayers as we enter into a new season this fall.
I think that's about it for now. Any last thoughts, John?

This one time ... yeah, i got nothin.

Except... The day, i came home to fix Lori's flat, we went into the apartment to get my computer, and found out that our guest bathroom had flooded. We threw down some towels and started trying to sop it up, and Lori went to tell the people in the office that we had a maintenance issue. (That's right... we live in an apartment, and now I get to be the one filling out work orders! What's up?!... or at least that's what i thought) So anyway, when we got home from work, there was a note on the counter of our guest bathroom, saying that the had come and ... couldn't find anything wrong ... Don't get me wrong ... i know they work hard ... i've responded to work orders, and couldn't get the issue to repeat itself ... but later that night, i spent a good thirty minutes actually fixing the toilet. Yeah. (overflow tube was too high)

That's it. Lori?...

I think that just about sums up our life since our last post. We love you guys! Talk to you later.

Lori and John

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  1. you guys are faves. i continue to be super impressed by ed's mad skills. thanks for the update! (and we totally understand the malibu story - we just bit the bullet and had the civic repaired. that's right, we are a two car family again!)