Monday, January 12, 2009

Well here we go!

So we're starting this blog thing. i did one of these in college on Xanga, but my guess is that Lori will be doing this more than me. She's got more to say than me most of the time... well, at least more good stuff to say. For those of you that we haven't been able to talk to since the wedding, we're doing great! We've started to settle into our little apartment in Tyler, TX and it even looks like a home. That's all Lori, though. Ask Stephen about what it looked like before Lori moved in... yikes. We'll probably put some pictures up soon, to show ya'll what it looks like. We might even put wedding pics up at some point.

The biggest news, as of late, is that we have just bought a couch....

i had to pause after writing that, because, let's be honest, how lame do you automatically get when you get married? The highlight of my weak is a couch.... wow... we might even stay up till 9:30 tonight and watch a PG-13 movie! yeah... livin on the edge!

Anyway, the couch is really nice and very comfortable, and i'm pretty sure it'll fit in our living room. We'll find out when it shows up in 3 weeks.

Here's what it looks like...


alright... come visit... ready... BREAK!


  1. too great. you crack me up. this is the best blog ever... even if it only one entry - still, Pulitzer material here. (ps - if you think marriage makes you "lame" wait for the kiddos - then your stimulating conversation turns to who's pooping and how often. yeah, we're old.)

  2. yay! the lori and ed blog! we will be frequent visitors to hear of your exciting life as newlyweds... yes, it is excititng... even a couch...welcome!
    love you both.

  3. hey husband...will you teach me how to update this thing?